White Business T-Shirt – Spend Less for Simplicity

Simple. Buy three white business tee shirts from Amazon. Don’t go out. Don’t spend $20 for a single ‘premium’ shirt. Instead, stay home and buy these shirts from Amazon. You pay a bulk price and get three shirts.

These are more simple than generic brands. Designer brands are generic. The $20 ‘designer’ shirt is as far from a designer brand as an orange is to dragonfruit. Abundant versus exotic.

White business shirts without an identifiable label make you interesting, and me curious… The shirt is so boring in its simplicity that your face becomes more interesting. Do you talk about your work? Well, you do not need anything more than a white tee to do just that.

white tee hanes

This shirt is more comfortable.

It’s soft and texturized.

Instead of saving money, pay less.

Professional pajamas.

Not eye-candy, conversation-candy.

It’s interesting to be simple, buy bulk shirts.


white tee shirt model


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